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Any product that supports mobile phone use presents a great branding opportunity. That’s the message from this year’s PPAI Expo, where mobile phone-related promotional products were plentiful. Here are some of my favorites:

Mobility-screen cleaner set3-In-1 Tech Pack – Unless you handle your cell phone with gloves on, after a while you see more fingerprints than screen. The Galaxy screen cleaning cloth comes with a stylus and carry bag for $2.99 and the Delta Stylus Pen with Cleaner runs $1.49 to $2.99. Once a phone user gets used to a clean screen, the cleaners – and the promotional message they carry — come out on a regular basis.

Mobility-Silicone wallet

Silicon Smart WalletSilicon Smart Wallets carry up to three credit cards and protect cell phones from nicks, dings, scratches and other indignities. Available in an array of attention-getting colors, Silicon Smart Wallets provide one of the largest promotional spaces in the mobile phone category for only $1.35 – $2.25.

bluetooth speakersBlue Tooth SpeakersBlue Tooth speakers provide amplified sound from a cell phone up to 300 feet away. They allow people to listen to cell phone music –and view promotional messages imprinted on the top and/or side of the speaker — in small groups. Available in sizes as small 2.25″ x 4.25″ x 1.5″, Blue Tooth Speakers are tiny billboards, from $24.98 to $36.88.

Mobility-Lens Kit

Lens Kits – Shoot photos from your mobile phone that look professional! The MA20 lens kit consists of wide-angle, close-up and fish-eye lenses that attach to your cell phone and expand your photographic capabilities. Snapping onto a universal clip, the kits fit most phones and tablets at a cost of $22.20 – $23.67.

Mobiity-Remote Photo Snap

Remote Photo Snap – The MA21 Remote Photo Snap lets you take pictures without touching your phone. The remote comes with a free app for iPhone and Android and a stand that holds the phone so you can take your own photo. A smaller button allows you to reverse the camera’s aspect and take photos from the other side, all for $15.78 – $18.32. All that’s left is to say, “cheese!”


Cell Phone PoppersCell phone poppers are collapsible stick-on cones that provide a place to wind your ear-bud cords, a better grip for gamers and selfie photographers, a better viewing angle for movie watchers and video chatters, and a highly visible branding opportunity seen by thousands. At $2.95 – $4.95, Cell Phone Poppers deliver a lower cost-per-impression than most promotional products.

Travel- Mobility?-Surge Protector

Surge Protector – Charging cell phone, laptops and other equipment through unprotected hotel electrical outlets can be risky, not to mention a hassle when you have multiple electronics to charge simultaneously. Promotional power chargers with surge protection provide users with peace of mind — the perfect mental condition for brand promotion. Costs range from $10.58 to $20.95.

Power Chargers- 2014jpeg

Power Bank 500 – Charge up your promotion with a power bank! A must-have phone accessory, this mobile power supply is use to provide a memorable promotion at a great price! At 2200mAh, this power bank is ideal for charging your mobile phone or Bluetooth mobile accessories. Use with your device’s own USB charging cable. Available in black, blue, green, pink and white. complies with CE, FCC, RoHS. 3 3/4″ L x 7/8″ H 


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