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By On April 3, 2014 Under Trade Show

Trade Show season is here and they’re popping up as fast as  bluebonnets. Ensuring that your tradeshow participation is successful requires planning, organization and execution. Here is a short video and  a few tips to help you get the biggest bang from your tradeshow bucks:

Promote your tradeshow presence through pre-show mailers sent to former and prospective attendees and press releases that announce your appearance at the show and promote your brand. Be sure to give prospective visitors all the information they need to find you easily.

Train your tradeshow staff to position themselves at the edges of your booth, answer frequently asked questions and spend most of their time with the most qualified prospects.

Enhance your visibility and reinforce your brand by dressing your staff in company colors and/or branded apparel.

Attract a crowd by giving attendees a reason to walk over to your booth such as a dynamic booth design, an imposing physical structure, eye-catching displays or a live and engaging host.

Engage the crowd and increase your impact by presenting a learning experience such as a quick seminar, product demo or live entertainment.

Capture Leads by sponsoring giveaways or games that collect business cards and scan them into your data base on a daily basis.

FOLLOW UP! According to the 2010 Sales Lead Survey conducted by Exhibitor Media Group: “The study found that only 47% of companies track leads generated at trade shows and events throughout the sales cycle, and only 28% percent measure and report the number of leads that ultimately convert to sales as part of their exhibit program’s ROI.” In a follow-up call, engaging prospects in a quick and productive conversation can be more effective than delivering a pitch. Call in a timely manner, while the tradeshow is still fresh in prospects’ minds, within 5 to 7 days.

Measure your Results. Know who your A leads are and which sales rep spoke to them. Ask sales reps to give a 1, 3, and/or 6-month follow up reports so you know where they are at in the sales cycle.



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