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Hot Picks from PPAI – Mobility

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Any product that supports mobile phone use presents a great branding opportunity. That’s the message from this year’s PPAI Expo, where mobile phone-related promotional products were plentiful. Here are some of my favorites:

Mobility-screen cleaner set3-In-1 Tech Pack – Unless you handle your cell phone with gloves on, after a while you see more fingerprints than screen. The Galaxy screen cleaning cloth comes with a stylus and carry bag for $2.99 and the Delta Stylus Pen with Cleaner runs $1.49 to $2.99. Once a phone user gets used to a clean screen, the cleaners – and the promotional message they carry — come out on a regular basis.

Mobility-Silicone wallet

Hot Picks from PPAI – Emerging Technology

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Emerging Technology provides some uniquely impressive branding possibilities, most notably video display technology. The PPAI Expo this year featured some amazing video display products ideal for getting noticed. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Video playerVideo Business CardVideo Business Card

Video-In-Print  – The VIP Video-in-Print Media Player displays up to 5 videos of 1 to 90 minutes inside custom print collateral materials. The video plays automatically when the piece is opened. The player allows you to download videos from your computer containing material of your choosing and comes with rechargeable battery and charger for $45 – $65. As video conveys emotion better than any other medium, this product is ideal for communicating emotional messages.

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My Favorite from PPAI

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This year’s Promotional Products Association International Expo in Las Vegas, featured some fantastic new products. One of my favorites was the Mobile Phone Popper, something all mobile phone users will love and millennials must have. The Popper is a collapsible plastic cone that attaches to the back of a cell phone to provide an impressive degree of enhanced functionality – and a great branding opportunity. Two fully imprintable Mobile Phone Poppers attached to the back of a cell phone provide a place to wind your ear-bud cord, a better grip for gamers, a better viewing angle for movie watchers and video chatters, and the perfect handle for taking photos – especially selfies!



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